Bio: Poetry, personal essays, and ongoing series: Mormon Moment Series, My New Favorite Blogs, Mormon Moment Series, My Mormon Perspective, Laugh With Me, Guest Posts, and more! I love to create and hand write cards to my friends all over the world. Writing the cards calm me, and I know that a hand written card in the mail really can change someone's life, every once in a while. I am a wife, mother, daughter, poet, writer, editor, rape and incest survivor and advocate. Labels don't matter to me, it is the person inside who I want to know. I lived most of my life in the LDS church, but am taking a hiatus to recenter myself. I have close friends who find truth in many religions and identities. My friends make up my extended family, and I won't ever have enough new brothers and sisters come into my life. I am grateful that so many people have chosen to share parts of themselves with me, even though we haven't met in person yet! If you need a friend, and connect to my writing, please email me. I probably need you even more than you need me!

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